Podilatadiko Zakynthos Cycling Center: Bike Excursions, Bike Rentals


Preview of Electric Bicycle Rental Terms


  1. Refrain from tampering with gear regulators by all means.

  2. Shifting gears on a steep uphill section of the road without impetus is bound to cause mechanical damage pertaining to the dislocation of the transmission chain, the destruction of the gear cassette and the distortion of the derailleur, which results in damage costs ranging from €20 to €235.  Break-down of the cost:  Chain: € 30  Cassette: € 65    Derailleur: € 120   Repair work: € 20

  3. In the event of falling off the bike, you must inform us accordingly.

  4. Please, bear in mind that due to extra power, the bike can develop excessive speed both when climbing the mountain and when descending.

  5. A helmet is the most critical safety feature you can make use of. Given that for cyclists, wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injuries by 70%, you are strongly advised to wear it at all times while riding.

  6. The bike is offered in excellent mechanical condition. If you are not willing to comply with the safety rules, you are kindly asked not to hire.